Elevating the Miami Music Scene in 2014

Elevating the Miami Music Scene in 2014

Make no mistake about it. Miami has always been a hotbed of musical innovation and home to game-changing recording artists.

From the soul and disco heyday of Henry Stone’s seminal Deep City and TK record labels to Miami Sound Machine’s Latin dance fever, 2 Live Crew’s Miami bass craze, and Murk’s ’90s house music explosion, Miami has contributed an irrefutably vital edge to popular music for decades.

But thanks to incredible transformations in the city’s cultural landscape during the past decade, Miami’s independent music scene is richer and more vibrant than ever today.

The Wynwood Art District’s emergence as a unique center of confluence for the arts and alternative nightlife has resulted in an unprecedented growth spurt, with new venues, promoters, artists, and tastemakers setting out to broaden the city’s cultural horizons. The ripple effects are definitely being felt across the bay, in the commercial nightlife environs of South Beach, where clubs and promoters are also beginning to focus on the quality of music more than the flashy trappings of VIP nightlife.

Meanwhile, Miami’s world-class music offerings continue to grow each year during Miami Music Week and the Winter Music Conference — coming up on its 30th anniversary installment in 2015 — along with Art Basel Miami Beach and Wynwood’s budding III Points music festival.

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