Un_Mute’s Ben Acero | Event Creators #001 Miami Music Week


Un_Mute’s Ben Acero | Event Creators #001 Miami Music Week

Welcome to our new series that highlights our event creators. Today we profile Ben Acero of Un_Mute / Speakerbox. We asked him a few questions about what’s unique about his parties and who he thinks will be this years breakout artist at Miami Music Week / WMC.

What’s your aesthetic/sound culture?

The signature sound that we embrace is the deep minimal  house, minimal techno, Berlin house, deep tech, micro  house; however you’d like to call it. We love the sound of Arpiar, Perlon, Next Wave, Hello/Repeat and so on. We have also embraced the opportunity to bring a little bit of everything. We believe in good music, no matter the genre.

What separates what you do from everyone else?

My vision and commitment to excellence. Throughout the years, I have demonstrated consistency in the quality of my events.

I try to be unique with my bookings. I go after artist that no one else is even thinking of booking. When everyone goes right, I tend to go left. Even though I am deeply committed to Threehouse three nights a week, I also try to offer our fans something out of the ordinary. We currently host a series of monthly Yacht and Island parties along with the Speaker Box crew.

Tell us about the first party you threw. How did it go?

I’ve been producing parties since my high school days. But my 1st Un_Mute event was at The Electric Pickle with Monoblok. It was the birth of something amazing. I believe it set the standard for outstanding event to come.

Who are your picks for new emerging artists at MMW/WMC this year?

BirdsMakingMachine – due to their fiery releases.  Party TBA shortly 😉

Nastia – her worldwide presence and talent is evident. She’ll be rocking 4 major events under her belt during her very 1st visit to WMC.

Eduarto De La Calle – he brings great flavor among a variety of labels, including Cadenza. He’s sure to turn some heads everywhere he goes.  Make sure you see him at The Cadenza Showcase at Dream Rooftop on Friday March 27th.

Premiesku Live – their live artistry and creativity.

Petre Inspirescu – One of the three founding fathers of [a:rpia:r]

Who are your favorite long-standing bookings?

Radoo, Raresh, Barac, Livio &Roby , Onur Ozer, Anthea , Maayan Nidam, Praslea, Dani Casarano, Valentino Kanzyani, Andrew Grant, Masomenos, Guido Schneider, Vera, among many.

How do the parties differ in Miami from other places you’ve been. What do you think is unique about the scene here?

One thing for sure makes Miami parties outstanding, different and unique , is the mixed audience. Whether is a bunch of locals or domestic tourists or those from abroad, our parties cater entertainment for all, spiced up by our hot latin culture.

There are many things that make Miami unique, this includes our well known 24 hour liquor license in selected venues, the variety of events and locations and a lot of sun.

Miami itself is one of the worlds ultimate destination. Everyone joins and blends into what makes our city a melting pot of music fun.